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Market Yourself

You’ve learned about eClosing and now you’re ready to get started. Follow these steps:

1. Download our marketing materials.

Once you’re ready to begin marketing yourself as an eClosing expert and provider in your market, use these marketing materials to help guide your conversations with your customers:

        These are large files, so downloading may take a few moments.

Want to have these four pieces customized with your company logo and contact information? Sign up for The Marketplace to customize these materials and much more! Once you sign up, click on the “Marketplace” drop down and search for “eClosing.”

2. Set Up Your Vendors

Go through our list of preferred vendors here and contact them to learn how to get started.

3. Talk to your lenders

Now that you have your marketing materials ready to go and have your vendors setup, talk to your lenders to get everything in order.

4. Add Your Agency to Stewarts eClosing map.

Now that you're eClosing enabled, get listed on Stewart's eClosing map. Please fill out the form below to begin the process.

Stewart eClosing Map Update Request