At Stewart, we understand that your commercial real estate transactions can be complex. When dealing with sophisticated transactional structures and changing legal requirements, you need a title company that can help simplify a multitude of intricate details. The Tampa office is committed to serving as your single point of contact to provide the customized title information, underwriting and settlement solutions you need – all with magnificent customer service in mind. Whether you’re working locally, nationwide or around the globe, our knowledgeable, flexible team has the expertise you can count on for all your commercial transactions.

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Meet Our Staff

Office Leadership

Name Contact
Jack (John) Kieley Senior Vice President/Regional Manager Southeast Region jkieley@stewart.com Office: (410) 622-3344
Jeff Franklin Title Operations Manager jfranklin@stewart.com Office: (813) 739-6541
David Shanks Commercial Services Manager david.shanks@stewart.com Office: (305) 240-3059

Business Development

Name Contact


Name Contact
Byron Rogers Commercial Services Examiner byron.rogers@stewart.com Office: (850) 536-8082
Phil Stoddard Commercial Services Examiner phil.stoddard@stewart.com Office: (904) 460-5746
Guy Thomas Commercial Services Examiner gthomas@stewart.com Office: (850) 562-2517
Martin Brown Commercial Services Examiner martin.brown@stewart.com Office: (813) 804-4688

Escrow, Closing and Title

Name Contact
Janice Coulton Commercial Title and Escrow Officer jcoulton@stewart.com Office: (813) 354-6382
Melanie Johnson Commercial Title and Escrow Officer mmjohnso@stewart.com Office: (813) 466-3851
Kerri Nesbit Commercial Title and Escrow Officer kerri.nesbit@stewart.com Office: (813) 466-3845
Brandi Hinkle Commercial Processor bhinkle@stewart.com Office: (813) 480-1683
Lauren Pelella Commercial Services Closing Coordinator lauren.pelella@stewart.com Office: (813) 804-4801
Daylene Huff Commercial Escrow Officer daylene.huff@stewart.com Office: (813) 371-6681
Lesley Randall Commercial Processor lesley.randall@stewart.com Office: (813) 371-6678

Order Entry and Administrative Support

Name Contact
Elizabeth Hannaman Administrative Assistant ehannaman@stewart.com Office: (813) 739-6550