Stop Check Fraud With Positive Pay

Check fraud may be a reality, but that doesn’t mean it has to impact your business. With Positive Pay,™ it won’t. Positive Pay is an automated fraud-detection tool that integrates with your accounting software. It verifies a check number that has been presented at the bank against a daily register of issued checks from your software. This allows the bank and you to confirm the check’s legitimacy. The result: Fraudulent checks are quickly discovered – even before you reconcile your accounts.

Positive Pay offers many advantages for your business:

  • Reduces the risk of counterfeit or altered checks being cashed against your account
  • Extracts check issues, voided checks and canceled checks from your software and transmits them directly to the bank
  • Improves audit control Don’t let check fraud steal time or money away from your business. Stay positive – there’s a solution. It’s yours with Stewart and Positive Pay.

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