Regional Managers

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  • Mid-Atlantic-Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC.
  • Northeast-Boston, Fairfield, New York
  • Northwest-San Francisco, Seattle
  • Southeast-Atlanta, Charlotte, Florida 
  • Texas-Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston
  • Western-Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego
Name Office Contact
Gary Cortellessa Senior Vice President/Regional Manager Mid-Atlantic Region Mid-Atlantic Office: (202) 753-3851
Christopher Lawrence Senior Vice President / Senior Underwriter, Northeast Regional Manager Northeast: Boston, Fairfield, New York Office: (646) 787-2625
Toll Free: (888) 398-0555
Warren Samek Senior Vice President/Regional Manager Northwest Region Northwest Office: (206) 770-8824
Jack (John) Kieley Senior Vice President/Regional Manager Southeast Region Tampa Office: (410) 622-3344
Melissa Eastman Senior Vice President / Commercial Services Manager / Regional Manager Texas Region Dallas and Ft. Worth Office: (214) 413-1827
Greg Grub Senior Vice President, Regional Manager - (Western Region) Western Office: (760) 668-6900